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What happens if you stay awake after using Zopiclone?

What happens if you stay awake after using Zopiclone?
Zopiclone is an excellent pill to treat the issue of insomnia.

Insomnia is a widely known disorder and does have its own impression on people. This disorder makes it difficult for the person to fall asleep or have a good fulfilling sleep. A person with insomnia might even find it difficult to complete the chores of the next day. Hence, people who find it difficult to fall asleep or who do wake up constantly are guided to order Zopiclone tablets. These medicaments are the trusted ones as well FDA approved due to which most people prefer using these remedies.


This particular sleeping tablet belongs to opioid agonist group and works to treat a sleeping disorder such as insomnia. People need to understand that this Z class drug only helps to improve the time taken to fall asleep and cannot be used for other treatments unless prescribed. 

Function of tablets

The patient recommended to use Zopiclone needs to know that this medicament works inherently. This med release the GABA in the body and works to calm the brain. Once the brain calms down, the person takes less time to fall asleep due to which insomnia gets treated. At times, a person with anxiety or depression are also guided with this remedy to improve their condition. 


Whenever you’re recommended to use these sleeping tablets do not ignore the prescribed doses. Though there are only 2 doses available, the patients are recommended to use the prescribed one.

3.5mg and 7.5mg doses are made available to the customers. If you’re senior then using the lowest dose is prescribed so that you don’t get sensitive towards this sleeping tablet. If your body can tolerate the doses well, your health care provider prescribes you with a 7.5mg dose. 

Withdrawals effects

The patient recommended to use this remedy need to look into that they’re aware of the few withdrawal effects that might affect their health. Some of the basic side effects that might affect you on the short-run include bitter taste, metallic taste, dizziness, and drowsiness. The other side effects that one needs to worry about include hallucination, loss of appetite, seizure, and loss of confidence. If any side effects get worse, the patients are guided to seek medical help and get them treated.

What if you stay awake after using Zopiclone?

The patients are recommended to use this sleeping tablet so that they can have a good sleep. People who end up using Zopiclone and stay awake, end up using multiple doses, and this results in overdose and unpleasant side effects. If you’ve used the tablet during the early evening and are using it again at bedtime, the chances of overdose increases and you end up risking your life.

Also, if you constantly increase the dose, then you’re likely to get addicted too. Some people have a good tolerance level, and addiction or overdose might not affect you initially but harms you later. To stay safe and get rid of sleeping disorders, ensure that the right doses under the supervision of health care providers are used.

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