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A Complete Guide: Indoor Tanning Tips for Male
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A Complete Guide: Indoor Tanning Tips for Male
Tips & tricks before tanning are important that help against the UV rays & protect the color long lasting.

Tanning is for everyone, not just for girls! Many people think that it's a girl's only activity but this is not true. The male number is increasing more to going tanning salon these days. They take airbrush tanning, UV tanning, spray tanning, etc.

Here are some tips mentioned for men indoor tanning:

  • Prepare your skin before going for tanning: If you’re going to explore your skin against ultraviolet rays then preparing your skin first is very necessary. So, you can either stay out of the sun or you can apply sunscreen & then you can go outside.

  • Don’t forget the SPF when getting a sunless tan: If you are using tanning beds then use the sunscreen for that as well. It will help to protect your color for a longer time.

  • Do it gradually: It is very essential to keep it longer. Generally, twice a week is good to maintain. It's because your skin needs to develop the base color first.

  • Rid off the dry skin before going tanning: Rid off the dead skin first before using tanning beds. So, just make your skin smooth before using the beds as nobody likes dry skin.

  • Wear the glass while using tanning beds: Tanning beds have ultraviolet rays & that’s why it's necessary to protect the eye. Glasses can be helpful if you are using tanning beds.

  • Use a high-pressure bed: If you want darker & faster then use the high-pressure bed for the tanning. It helps you to get more rays in one shot. More rays are equal to darker skin.

  • Rinse your hands after each session: Rinse your hands with the lotion when you go for the tanning. Keeping the space clean is very necessary. So, just rinse the hand before going.

These are some useful tips for men that help to protect their skin. Plus, it also helps to maintain it for a longer duration. Hope you like these tips & use them before indoor tanning.

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