Most businesses have a few common problems. One is how do they ramp up online lead generation. These problems are important for any business (small or big) to consider. Not enough leads = Not enough sales = a challenge for the sustainability for your business.


Difficult to build


One of the best ways to generate leads is through e-mail marketing, but building your list is generally a struggle for most businesses. Why is this? Well there is a lot that goes into doing this. You must create content. This will take solid research. There are also many different tactics that the experts advise you to use to increase you e-mail list. Which one you select can prove to be a daunting task! But if you get right down to it, growing a solid and reliable e-mail list is a very difficult task to achieve. 

 There are other problems businesses all experience. That problem is where to focus your efforts. Should it be with telemarketing? Should it be via direct mail? Or should it be the topic we are going to discuss, through an e-mail list? Which will be more effective for your business? Which effort will bring you more prospects? All of these items are ones an owner must consider. All can work but some will work better for different types of business. You must choose wisely and not chase down a rabbit trail and invest unwisely!

What system to use?


I am sure some as a business owner you have been burned in past when buying ane-mail list from big list vendor. Then once you started a campaign using this e-mail list you discovered just how unreliable this idea was proven to be. The data on your list must prove to be reliable or just how good is the list? Obviously the answer to that question is not worth a plumb nickel. So it is definitely critical that you develop the correct system to build this e-mail list!

 No matter what system you are using you definitely need to have a system in place that is generating qualified leads. If you are not achieving your revenue goals it boils down to two things. First you may not be converting enough of the leads in your e-mail list to a sales stream. The more likely of the two is that the leads are not quality leads in the first place.

Online methods to build your e-mail list:


  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)
  3. Social Media Marketing (SMM)


Is SEO the way you are going to attract people to your website platform? Do you know the best methods to determine the key words needed to attract your prospects? Once they are there do you have the right stuff with your landing page to draw them to surrendering their contact information to you?

Will you use a PPC campaign to bring them to your landing page? How are you with your Quality Score? What is your CTR? Should you use Google or Bing? Once again do you have exactly what will lead to the conversion for their contact information?

Another outstanding way to develop your e-mail list is through Social Media Marketing. Where exactly do your prospects hang out in the Social Media world? Is it Facebook, no maybe it is Twitter, maybe they frequent both places, maybe neither. Could it be Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn, etc…?  I bet the thought of blogging isn’t exactly one of those things you thought you would do to find leads. But guess what it is! You must create the content that will interest your prospects to your landing pages once again.

The places you need to go to develop your e-mail list are limitless. It can absolutely drive a business owner bonkers with all that can start to pop up. Oh yeah, guess you still have to run the day to day operations of your business. Guess what, all you have to do is figure out how to get by on 2 to 3 hours a sleep a day and you can do this!

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