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The trend of the App market
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Digital technology has transformed more than our imagination levels, and the rise of mobile technology is one of the many

Digital technology has transformed more than our imagination levels, and the rise of mobile technology is one of the many. The Smartphone business industry is in boom now, how people have been dependent on mobile for half a decade. 

As per the study, mobile apps will earn up to 581.9 US dollars in revenue by 2020. And as a trend, the mobile app's market is also at its peak. Both developers and users are equally responsible for this rapid evolution. These trends have instead made our lives simpler than before. Mobile apps nowadays work as part of our lives. From ticket booking to health reminders, we need every other app to fulfill our specific needs.  

Therefore Mobile app trends started generating, and which rules the market is as follows.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Both Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning are in demand in almost all sectors and as in the App industry. Companies have already started integrating efforts through AI. And it is proven beneficial to both iOS and Android app development platforms. Far more, it can learn user activities, identify issues, and help them troubleshoot in real time.

Few of the features are

-Integration of AI and IoT

-Smart camera and identification of the subject

-Highly Secured cybersecurity

-Voice & language translations

-Face Lock enabled by AI

Blockchain technology

Blockchain is way beyond cryptocurrencies, and it is indeed a fantastic technology of the future. And right now there is news that it had started app development also. 

You must be wondering what blockchains are? It is a decentralized database where the chain of the block is present more than 1 PC at a time. Over here, there is always a new block created and added to the chain and saved and everybody receives a notification on it.

This is only technology now, which prevents from making fake documents and data breaching. Hence this technology is beneficial in online payments via your credit or debit cards. Therefore soon, we will see blockchain-enabled mobile app payments. 

5G Wireless Technologies

5G Wireless Technologies is one of the hot topics among the upcoming tech trends in 2020. And the speed of the 5G network will be 100 times faster than a 4G network. Therefore various industries like 3D mobile games, Augmented Reality based apps are the talk of the town nowadays.

Therefore 5G services will provide an array of opportunities to technologists in 2020. 

Internet of Things (IoT)

Well, the internet has become one of the necessary parts of our lives. And without the internet, we rarely work or function. Smartphones, smart home appliances, smart locks, and whatnot. Everything we can control from the tip of our finger. All you need to do is install the IoT powered app on your phone and bingo. You can control each and everything from your current location. 

Various companies have already started heavily investing in IoT based apps as it is the future of the technology in so many ways. 

As the app industry is in the boom, so is their earning, and if you are an app developer and want to make more revenue, check out the best app monetization strategy and earn seamlessly.

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