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7 Proven Revision Techniques for MPPSC Exams
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7 Proven Revision Techniques for MPPSC Exams
Revision is must for every exam follow this revision techniques for your mppsc exam.

Revision of the syllabus before every exam is essential. And when it comes to competitive exams like MPPSC, it becomes even more crucial where you have an ocean of material to study and revise. 


Lack of time and comprehensive syllabus covering all the subjects is among the top challenges for competitive exam aspirants. However, with the right revision strategy in place, you can address this challenge and ace the exam. 


Why is revision so necessary for MPPSC exam preparation? Well, there are two reasons. First, you may not remember everything that you studied over the course of time. Revision helps you to remember those topics, facts, and figures you have learned with dedication and hard work. 


Second, if you revise the syllabus properly, it will give you confidence for the exam. When you are confident about what you have studied, it reduces your anxiety and helps you perform better.

But, how to revise for the MPPSC exam in an effective manner? 


Every exam has different patterns and methods. For MPPSC, we have curated some special techniques for revision with insights from the expert faculties in MPPSC coaching in indore and candidates who have cracked the exam.


Most Effective Revision Techniques for MPPSC Preparation

  1. Create short notes


Most of the candidates are used to creating comprehensive notes of the syllabus to revise before the exam. This is a good tactic and works well for many candidates. You can improve this further by optimizing the mppsc notes. Rather than creating detailed notes, try to stick to short ones which take less time to revise. 


2.            Segment the revision time


Rather than deciding a single slot for revision in a day, you should allocate 2-3 slots for the same. When you study the entire day and then choose to revise once, you have to go through all the material in one go. 


But when there are multiple slots, you can segment it topic-wise or subject-wise, making the revision process effective and effortless. 

3.            Create To-Do List


Creating a to-do list is a very crucial part of the MPPSC preparation and revision strategy. A to-do list must cover essential topics and subjects to be revised regularly. Once created, spend the time revising and keep check-marking the things you have revised. This will help you to check your preparation level and study strategically.

4.            Prioritize revision topics


It is challenging to revise the entire syllabus, especially when the exam date is approaching. Instead of covering all the topics during revision, you have to set priorities. 


Narrow down the crucial topics and mark them, so that you can focus on what’s more important. Priorities can be set on the basis of their weightage in exams, whether those topics appeared in previous exams, etc.

5.            Utilize technology


MPPSC aspirants have a tight schedule of studying at least 10 hours a day to prepare well. But there are times when you have to travel or watch online lectures of the best MPPSC coaching in Indore or other experts. 


For these purposes, you must utilize technology in the form of mobile phones or tablets. You can access online courses, mppsc notes PDF, and watch expert lectures to save time on-the-go.


6.            Regular mock tests


Mock tests are great for revision and to check your preparation level. The pattern of mock tests is the same as the one set for the MPPSC exam. It will not only give you an idea about the exam but also help you learn which subjects need more focus and revision. 

7.            Frequent revision method


The frequent revision method is an impactful way to revise the syllabus for competitive exams. In this method, you have to revise the studied topic three times a week in a short time. The first day of revision will be the same day you studied the subject. The second day will be after two days, and the third day can be the end of the week. 


If you use this revision method for MPPSC preparation, you will not forget the topics even during exams. Many MPPSC aspirants who have cracked the exam recommend this method. It is also called the Three-tier Revision Method. 


Summing it up:


MPPSC Exam preparation involves a lot of hard work and dedication. If you don’t have a proper revision strategy, you may lag the candidates who have it. Use the proven tips and techniques mentioned above to ace the exam this year. 


Which of these revision tips are you already using? Share your experience with us using the comments below.


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